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Artin Aghamalian

2019-01-07 12:44:18 | Profile
How can you dislikes god songs they need god


2018-11-23 05:35:50 | Profile
pray I become a holy woman of GOD and HE has mercy on my soul and makes sure I go to heaven :)

a Mun

2018-11-22 04:00:13 | Profile
This song made me cry every single time, when I was kid in church. And now here I am 18 years old crying to it.

rowb early

2018-11-19 22:07:38 | Profile
Say a prayer for me pleaseeee

Mason Buck

2018-11-19 20:25:45 | Profile
This song is so lovely thank God for his mercy

Maria Walorska

2018-11-18 16:38:31 | Profile
Meditated prayed and called on Jesus while listening to this song.


2018-11-14 00:05:32 | Profile
i gave on my family some time ago but before them I gave up on myself and now I fight for what I have always loved but was not able to show. it burns me up everyday of my life that I am not even called dad anymore but my battle is within and I pray god opens up that door again, their hearts to me for I am hear ready to be that dad again because I see the value of my kids and what I denied them and now they are denying me that love unconditional love as a man and a father. pray for us