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Keith Savage

2019-02-10 22:19:57 | Profile
Why does this sound like a copy of a copy of a copy, of a a bad copy of Sia? ...but the song has all the originality of a Mills & Boon romance novel.........

Ariel Gonzalez

2019-02-08 16:14:20 | Profile
I Love The Beats And The Voilns In The Background In That Song Too


2018-11-28 18:41:10 | Profile
Camila Cabello Is A Lovely Woman With Colourful Hair , Good Looks , With Shoes And With That Sexy Dress And Camila Cabello Is So Beautiful , Lovely , Nice And Fit For Me And I Wish That I Want To Fall In Love With Camila Cabello

Omaira Cubillos

2018-11-13 01:39:38 | Profile
I Do Love That Song And This Is Going To Be Another One Of My Favourite Song

6 Diamondz

2018-11-11 22:40:49 | Profile
I Do Love Camila Cabello Because I Am A One Big Fan Of Camila Cabello And I Like Her Songs Too

Duttan Gokin

2018-11-05 09:49:22 | Profile
I Love That Woman And I Think That Woman Is So Fit For Me And I Wish That I Want To Fall In love with Camila Cabello

Peter Niemeyer

2018-11-04 22:56:36 | Profile
Camila Cabello Is Another One Of My Favourite Artist

Bash On The Grass

2018-11-01 10:24:52 | Profile
Who is watching in november ??